TPO Roofing


Eco-Friendly TPO Roofing in Jackson, Mississippi

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What Is TPO?

We want to keep our earth green. That is why we provide a roofing option that is both economical for our clients and safe for the environment. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply, reflective roofing membrane that offers many benefits for you and our planet.

Easy Installation

TPO sheets are wide and lightweight. This means that they are much easier to install than regular roofing. There are also fewer seams, giving your roof a smooth finish that has fewer places for water to seep into. Less work for the roofers also means that you pay less for installation.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

We are proud to provide a product that doesn’t damage the environment. TPO is made without the use of harmful plastics or chemicals. While the earth benefits from the nontoxic material, TPO’s light color helps keep your house cooler. It’ll lower both the temperature of your building and your energy bills.

Economically Sound

TPO is great for both commercial and residential properties. It offers many of the benefits of similar roofing but at a far lower price. You also won’t have to replace it as often, as it resists mold growth, prevents punctures and doesn’t degrade in the sun. Get a roof that will keep you cool, protect the earth and last for years.