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Specialty Roofing Options in Jackson, Mississippi

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Customize Your Covering

Roofing is not just for protection. A roof can make a statement about your property and increase your curb appeal. Set your home or office apart by choosing a unique material that fits your building, style and life.

Providing the Best

There are many unique roofing options out there. We are proud to supply Jackson, Mississippi, with a wide selection of distinctive materials that are durable, affordable and unique.

Copper and Other Metals

Metal roofs are extremely energy efficient. Their surfaces reflect light away from your building, keeping the heat out and your bills lower. Despite being lightweight, they are incredibly durable, standing up against hail, fire and mold growth. They are also a great way to instantly add elegance to your property.

Clay Tiles and Slate Roofing

For a roof that has a beautiful, natural look, consider clay titles or slate roofing. These options are not made from materials with chemicals, so they’re naturally fire resistant and eco-friendly. They have the durability that comes from being constructed from natural materials, keeping your home looking lovely for longer.

Wood Shakes and Shingles

We strive to give you the widest selection of roofing available. For a historic feel, nothing quite beats the classic look of wooden shakes. If you want a wide variety of shapes and colors, asphalt shingles can be perfectly matched to your property. We provide expert assistance to help you select the best material for your building. Call to find out about our military discount.