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Securing Your Safety

Your roof is your home’s protection. Your family, belongings and life are all covered by it. Since you wouldn’t go out in a storm with an umbrella full of holes, don’t let a damaged canopy go unrepaired. We will get you the reliable help to fortify your house.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

There are many warning signs that your roof needs professional repairs. Catching any of these indicators early to ensure that they are being professionally treated will prevent the issue from getting worse. Save time and money by watching out for these problems.


Any damaged place where water could get in should be dealt with immediately. Check regularly for raised seams on your roof or wet stains on your ceilings. These are often indicators that moisture is entering into your home through your roof. This can cause infestations of mold and dangerous structural damage.


A sagging roof is more than just an attribute of an old house. It is an indication that water may have ponded in an area and that there may be structural problems within your home. Often, results of ponding include damage such as compressed insulation or a broken roof joist.

Rising Energy Bills

If the temperature of your house is too high, your air conditioning might not be to blame. Roofs often lose their reflectivity as they age. This means that your cooling system has to work twice as hard to combat the external heat. An efficient, professional repair of your roofing will save you money while cooling you down.

Our Reliable Service

Whether you need standard upkeep or extensive storm repair, we offer efficient, reliable repairs that will keep you safely covered for years to come. Call today and learn about our military discount.